WDK Tunnels LTD

is a dynamically developing company producing plastic tunnels, tables tillage and irrigation systems. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the market of Great Britain and other European countries




tunnels farms have been designed and developed by farmers in the United Kingdom. You can build them anywhere at any width from 5.5 m to 8.5 m and any length. Plastic tunnels WDK improve productivity and product quality. Protect from frost and hail. Allow for collection regardless of weather conditions ie rain, hail, etc.


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Tent Sheds WDK: These are warehouses based on anchors drilled into the ground and galvanized tubes. They are covered with PVC material with high perimeters. A polyester fabric coated on both side with PCV which is resistant to atmospheric changes and UV. This is an affordable alternative of a traditional shed. The design is fast and easy to assemble and easy to move from place to place.

WDK Poly – It has been accessible on the market for 30 years. We are taking advantage of a German company’s experience. All supplies are produced according to our given specifications. Our new generation of poly is very strong and elastic. We offer poly at 150mu, 180mu as well as 200mu. They are UV-stabilized at 36,42, or 54 months. In the offer there is poly which is either clear or defused, which prevent against overheating inside the tunnel. Our new generation poly is very strong, It has been perfected for many years. Our engineers constructed very strong and elastic poly, which is more elastic in comparison to other poly.

Available poly: standard, clear or diffused

Our poly is highly recommended for early and later plant production. Moreover, it gives protection against frost  (It can even protect against four Celsius), which gives early harvest and higher profit.

WDK Table Tops

WDK Tunnels Ltd is the leading company in designing and producing table tops. Large range of products can satisfy the most fastidious of customers.

We have the following systems: 4 wire system, single pipe system, gutter system and many others.

The production of strawberries on table tops increases the speed of their growth. One can obtain more crops in comparison with traditional crops, and we can guarantee a higher quality of fruit. An additional advantage of table tops is that it does not matter on what type of ground they are built.

Profits from having WDK  table tops

  • Increased profit by 30%
  • Decreased costs of harvest by 25-50%
  • Ability to adapt table tops to individual needs
  • Fast and easy assembly, and mobility of table tops.
  • More than one harvest during a season
  • Saving on irrigation
  • Fast exchange of bags with soil

WDK Agricultural machinary:

Bed-maker Machine

It is a machine used for formulating beds, designated in cultivating strawberries or raspberries. The machine prepares the ground for cultivation. It is capable of making beds 55cm high. It helps in rooting plants. The machine facilitates in the harvest, the fruit are clean and more visible for the pickers

These machines are capable of making beds which of the same size and shape. This helps in producing high quality fruit.

WDK Tractors


We are offering a wide range of tractors which are well known throughout the World. We provide full service with regards to investment – We give advice and help in acquiring grants from European Union’s funds as well as offer collaboration with financial advisors.

Tractors Korean corporation THIS is high quality with reasonable price. The company manufactures many models from 23 to 100 hp. Structures based on PERKINS engines meet the expectations of users around the world. Thanks to the high quality of workmanship and equipment are an excellent alternative to more expensive European tractors. Manufactured in the family factory in Kundl, Tyrol Lindner tractors with power from 78 to 126 hp characterized by refined design and highest quality. Designed for use in harsh mountainous conditions meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Advantages of tractors Lindner users will particularly appreciate the leading farm-based production of green. McCormick Company is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural tractors and fruit in the world. Tractors produced since 1906. Currently manufactured models with power outputs from 23 to 280 hp are sold in 55 countries around the world.
Produced in Mrągowo Farmtrac tractors (33 - 100 HP) are many buyers of the country and abroad. Cooperation with reputable suppliers such as PERKINS, Carraro, ZF and Bosch makes Farmtrac offers an interesting product at a moderate price.

 Ursus tractors with power from 80 to 110 hp is the Polish machine based on the components of leading Western manufacturers. Tractors equipped with a multi-speed, but simple and reliable mechanical transmissions and efficient hydraulics. Polish brand back in the game.